The quality of our services is granted by the best international standards.


Always in compliance with the customer’s needs.

GESTLABS works in compliance with international regulations to guarantee to the customer objective and impartial results in line with the best market standards.

ISO 9001

The organisational system of GESTLABS follows the requirements requested by regulation ISO 9001.

The requirements of the regulations are applied to all the company processes, from sales to purchases management, etc.

The processes must be supported by the specific documents (quality manual, procedures, instructions); while the results are monitored and recorded on specific modules (quality recording documents).

ISO 17025

The ISO/IEC 17025 is about the “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”, and it allows to laboratories to demonstrate their responsible activity and to generate valid results by promoting the trust in its work at a national and international level.

It also eases the cooperation between laboratories and other organisations (public and private) by allowing a wide approval of the results of the performed tests.

Reports and test certificates can be accepted among different Countries without the necessity to perform other tests, and by improving the international business.


Download the last updated copy of the certification


Download the last updated copy of the certification

Certified IPC Training Center

Starting from April 2019, GESTLABS has strengthened the long-term partnership with IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) by opening a new “Certified Training Centre” placed at its own offices in Vimercate.

The new Centre was meant and designed to widen the offer of IPC training in Italy by offering both Courses for Training and the Certification and for the education of Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) and Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) according to the programs:

  • IPC-A-600 (“Acceptability of Printed Boards”),,
  • IPC-A-610 (“Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies”),
  • IPC/J-STD-001 (“Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies”),
  • IPC-7711/7721 (“Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies”),

The new Certified IPC Training Centre of Lomagna supports the important Manufacturing Training Centre (MTC).


Affidati a GestLabs


The critical processes in the performed activities have been defined according to the ISO 9001:2015 regulation standards.

The critical processes for GESTLABS S.r.l. are documented by procedures which show the single activities, the documents, the instruments involved in their performance and the operators’ responsibilities.

The application field of our Quality System is the “Development and Sale of laboratory services, including tests, calibration, analysis activities, reliability testing of processes and products, industrialisation of new technological processes. Development and sale of consultation and specialistic education services concerning quality, reliability, statistics, processes and technologies”.

Every process manager is responsible for the use of the correct resources and provides with the mandatory information to guarantee the most of efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

The process manager must measure/monitor the process performances and put in action all the necessary actions to meet the planned goals and to guarantee the ongoing improvement.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the Key Processes is continuously monitored by the Lab Management through the Department Dashboard which includes the most relevant indicators used to check the performances of the key processes.

There is a structured Review System which highlights and targets the business aspects through specific meetings and defines specific plans of action where the results are analysed by metrics.


We care about our customers


GESTLABS S.r.l. is a service company focused on companies needs

Because of it, it wants to focus on people and market. The subjects, people and organisations who use its services are considered as clients, users of complex and well-structured services.

The GESTLABS S.r.l. Management checks the meeting of clients’ requirements and the improvement of customer’s satisfaction by using suitable indicators. For this purpose, it verifies the performance of all instruments of measurement, analysis, and improvement.

GESTLABS S.r.l. has a well-structured approach on the market being aware that:

Its development depends on the ability to operate in an increasingly open and competitive market.

Its ability to provide with services with a distinctive quality is linked to a development of an ongoing organisational process of improvement.

All its collaborators are called to cooperate to and be responsible for the offer and creation of services.

To evaluate the suitability and to always improve the effectiveness of its own Quality System, GESTLABS S.r.l. performs a procedure to identify the data collection and analysis referring to the customer satisfaction, the offered service compliance to the requirements requested and arranged with the client, the measurement and monitoring of the main business processes and the suppliers.

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