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The safe future of lightning

The LED technology can be found in different fields (automotive, medical, street lighting, etc.) To guarantee the reliability of electronic components of the products containing LED means to be able to release safe products, reliable over time.

The increasing optical power of the new LED applications makes always more important the photobiological safety and the ergonomics of the delivered radiation.

GESTLABS offers to the partner companies this approach for the validation and characterisation of LED and its control electronics:

Planning reliability

  • Theoretical Calculation of MTBF value
  • FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) of project
  • Setting of HALT Tests (Highly Accelerated Life Test)

Production Control

Product qualification

  • Lab tests and analysis
    • ATC
    • Thermal shock
    • High Temperatures
    • High Humidity
    • Identification of defects and failure mechanisms

Analysis of optical features

  • Safety and ergonomics evaluation of light output in terms of:
    • Reduction of glare effects
    • Short and long-term radiation effects on eyes
    • Measurement methods for the optical features analysis

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