MECHANICAL TESTS (Shock & Vibrations)

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The importance of the simulation in the transportation phases.

When a finished product is ready to be launched on the market, the manufacturer must ensure that the packaging, according to the distribution system modes, allows the product to reach the destination with the most level of integrity, reliability, and safety.

The packaging is crucial: its function is to create a protection between the product and the outside environment, that means all the events which occur during its entire distribution cycle.

The easiest way to obtain information about the performances of a packaging during the transportation is to make packaging tests according to the commonest required standards (ISTA, ASTM, ISO, MIL-STD…).

The wrapped product is subjected to a series of tests focused on simulating the static and dynamic deformation to which it is potentially subjected during the transportation cycle: falls during the movement phases, vibrations caused by the transportation and the loads to which it is subjected during the storage.


At GEST Labs we can perform the following tests:

Vibration Test (random and sinusoidal on X, Y, Z axes)

Drop Test

Shock test (semi-sinusoidal and trapezoidal pulses)

Traction and Compression Tests

Hardness Tests

Tests performed in compliance with the international standards (MIL, IEC, IPC, ASTM) and/or customer’s requirements.

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