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The technological reliability is the ability of a product or a material to meet the working or use expectations over time.

This warranty can be obtained by simulating the stress conditions to which the product or the material is subjected during the life cycle, when the manufacturer must guarantee the functioning or the use to the customer.

GESTLABS can offer a service of wide-range technological reliability based on studies and experiments and focused on the specific required technology to evaluate the reliability in the requested operative conditions. The technologies go from the electronics to different industrial sectors (automotive, medical, aerospace, etc.) The offered service concerns the electronic components (included the solder joints and the printed boards), the materials (polymer, alloys, etc.) and the mechanical parts.

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Thanks to rigorous analysis and lab tests, GESTLABS can evaluate the reliability of:

Solder joints with lead-free alloys or solder pastes, by guaranteeing to the manufacturer their functionality during the life cycle of the product.

Plastic materials used as electric product shells which, if exposed to environmental conditions, can lose the protection and insulation properties.

Connectors with metal components subjected to wear and/or corrosion during the time.

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