Laser safety and artificial optical radiation

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Laser tools and systems

All materials, equipment, machinery, installations and electrical and electronic systems must be made and constructed perfectly

The increasing diffusion of laser applications (mechanical, medical, telecommunications, etc.) makes it necessary to carefully evaluate the risk due to laser light, also due to the tendency of the legislation to allow ever greater powers to the various classes.
The need for a Laser Safety Technician qualified for classes 3B and 4, as well as a regulatory requirement, is a guarantee that protects the user personnel from possible short or long term damage.

GESTLABS, through a highly qualified team, led by the former president of the Laser Safety Committee (CT 76 – Apparecchiature laser) of CEI – Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano, is able to support the customer both in risk control consultancy and in the training of personnel operating with laser equipment / machines.

Our experts take care of manufacturers and users of the following product ranges:

Laser tools / systems

  • Risk analysis, protective devices
  • Nominal Ocular Risk Distance
  • Choice and evaluation of eye protectors, screens, barriers
  • Equipment classification

Non-coherent optical sources (LEDs, lamps)

  • Risk group assessment, biological effects, ergonomics

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